Family Memberships


  • It’s the best way to support our athletes!
  • FCPS only pays for referees, coaches and buses. Through membership, donations and concessions profits, BOOSTERS fund equipment, uniforms, tournament fees, varsity letters & pins, senior night flowers, coach clinics & training, stadium & field maintenance, trips and more for EVERY ATHLETE in EVERY SPORT
  • Membership at the $250 level and above receive BOOSTER PASSES that get you and your family members into EVERY LHS REGULAR SEASON HOME GAME
  • 100% of donations go towards athletics at Langley
  • Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE
Corporate Matching: If your employer has a corporate matching program, Langley Boosters will give you the benefit of the matching funds when considering your membership level (eg Green and Gold Members would receive Saxon Spirit membership and website recognition for a matched donation).

If there are any questions or if you need the Langley Booster Tax ID for a corporate matching program, please email

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